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Staycations: How Airbnb Hosts are Kicking Covid's A$$

With so many people working remotely, the lines between traveling and living are becoming blurred as people discover the newfound ability to work from anywhere. And despite the near halt in bookings during Covid's early days, Airbnb has become the “safer standard” for traveling, enabling guests to enjoy stays that are more secluded and involve significantly less interaction with other travelers.

Cleaner Sheets

For anyone who has read the hotelier tell-all "Heads in Beds," by Jacob Tomsky, insight into the standard hotel room turnover process would probably scare off even the bravest of travelers during Covid. In contrast, already meticulous Airbnb owners have become even stricter in cleaning and disinfecting their rental properties as a result of a new mandate called the “Enhanced Cleaning Initiative” passed by the company to ensure owners abide by COVID-19 safety practices. As a result, there has been a shift in consumer demands as many users have found that Airbnbs are now a safer option. “We were confident early on in the pandemic that Airbnbs would quickly bounce back, as I have consistently seen a decent trend of travelers being more comfortable with an Airbnb over a hotel stay,” says Rita Danielle Steele, founder of SRCI Group and Airbnb host.

Local escapes with jetsetter views.

So while hotels continue to be negatively impacted by the pandemic, many rental properties have found themselves fully booked well into 2021. However, the success or failure of short-term rentals during Covid tends to be highly dependent on its location. High activity levels in remote areas revealed that travelers were initially more attracted to rentals that allowed them to escape the city and crowds. But travelers are getting braver. SRCI group Airbnb specialist Heatheran recently shared her experience of renovating an additional Providence East Side unit to her own personal Airbnb roster due to increased demands: "it booked so quickly that I had to rush through the renovations to get it ready in time...within two hours I was booked for the entire summer." City views are now holding equal appeal as people's desire to just get out of their own homes amps up. "Digital nomads want a different view than what they have been looking out their own windows at for the last year," Kristopher confirmed.

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