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Where to Buy Right Now

By Rita Steele

Tucked just west of our stately capital building, and east of Valley’s Industrial revival, lies the (nationally recognized) Smith Hill Historic District. This quiet pocket of the urban core represents a small microcosm of what the larger surrounding neighborhood looked like before the highway, demolition and industrial development took its toll.

The Smith Hill (National) Historic District is right in the middle of it all.

Gorgeous city views, easy walkability to the train, and historic homes are just some of the highlights of this ethnically and economically varied mixed residential and commercial neighborhood. The highly acclaimed Waterfire Arts Center is just as easy of a walk as the state house from here, and if EATDRINKRI’s vision of a West Park Food Hall comes into fruition in the next couple years, the neighborhood will cement-in its anticipated trajectory to become the city’s newest hot spot to buy. And the best news? The median sales price in the neighborhood remains comfortably under 200K.

Want to learn more about why we think this is where to buy right now? Call us today at 401-227-9040.


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